An index to common coin
collecting terms

Coin collecting terms are a bit like the terms used in any specific occupation and they become a language to themselves. A little baffling at first but we are here to assist in de-mystifying this new language.

I have listed the most common terms as they came to mind here. They are all links to pages to describe them and I hope illustrate them as well. Please click on the term you are unsure of and a page will come to you with information on that specific word.

My word list, (just click on any word below)

Coin collecting for kids, see why it is important for children to collect coins, numismatic coins, What is a numismatic coin? coin grading, what is a coin grade and why is it important to know one from another, error coins, What are they and why are they collected? variety, What is a variety and why are they important? patterns, What is a patten and why are they collected? pied fort, What is a pied fort coin show, coin appraisal, patina, cleaning coins, verdigris, What is it and what causes it, is there anything that can be done about it? mint, What is a mint and why are they located where they are. What is a traveling mint and why is it traveling? counter stamp, What is the purpose of the counter stamp and what does it mean regarding its circulation? planchet, What is a planchet, are they different and how are they made? obverse or reverse, die rotation, What is die rotation and is it standard through a series? die condition, What is meant by die condition and what is the life of a die? legends, field, serif, electrotype, Is an electrotype a counterfiet and if not why and how are they made? counterfeit, What i a counterfeit? slab, tokens, valuing coins, and adjustment marks. ( a work in progress)

I will likely add more to this list as questions are asked so if something you are looking for is not here ask so that we can expand coin collecting terms.

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